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About Us

Not all Italian restaurants are created equal. While there may be some commonality in terms of the types of food that is served, a restaurant is defined by the quality of its customer service and its cuisine.

At Peppi Panini, we take pride in both of those things. Having opened the doors to our restaurant in 2014, our founders chose the name Peppi for their business as homage to their father Giuseppe “Peppi” and their mother Grazia Ruberto, who immigrated from Calabria, Italy in 1970. With decades of Italian cooking experience, it’s our mission to provide our customers with the same quality of food that their mother and father, and our Nonna and Nonno made for us while growing up. 

Peppi’s menu may also take you by surprise with some non- traditional, mouth -watering favourites such as the Chin-Dripper, Philly Cheese Melt, Jay’s BBQ Chicken Pizza and more.  These items were created to appeal to the extensive pallet of our guests.

Peppi is that hip spot to dine-in, take-out or host your next event. For lunch, it’s a trendy fast-food spot, for your event, it’s the spot that will make your guests never want to leave.  

So what’s the big secret behind our food? It’s actually quite simple, “Il gusto della qualita!”, or “The taste of quality.” We use the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, resulting in amazing food. Whether we are making pasta, soups, pizzas or paninis, we source out the finest products for our guests. So dine-in, take-out or have us cater to you and we guarantee that you will understand what makes us so unique. 

Hungry yet? Eager to find out more about what we can do for you? Call us at 705-222-7374, or stop by for a bite to eat. We look forward to meeting you!