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Whether you are tasked with organizing a birthday party or a business meeting, planning an event is difficult enough as it is. Securing a venue, creating invitations, and organizing the myriad logistics that all go along with a gathering of any size can be overwhelming – and that’s without even considering what to feed your guests!

Peppi Panini is here to take some of that pressure off of you, ensuring that your next event goes off without a hitch. With an unrivalled assortment of appetizer choices, including hot Panini platters, pasta trays and of course our famous bruschetta breads!

Our friendly and experienced staff have extensive experience with serving a variety of different functions, including showers, corporate gatherings, weddings and birthday parties. Now, stop wondering and leave the food up to us!  

Please be advised that caterings over 20 people require 24-hour advance notice. 

Peppi panini catering services and food

Want to find out more about our catering? Give us a call at 705-222-7374or stop in and visit. We look forward to serving you and your guests.